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Class Schedule

Fall 2019 Yoga Session Pricing Options

* Class passes are for each session only - Fall session runs from September to December 2019

* If you register for one class and miss a class you can make it up in the other classes listed during this time period only.

* Classes included are those at the Anderson Community Centre and Ballet N' All That Jazz. Please check out Classes section for schedule.

* Classes that are at the Arts Centre are separate as they are run through the City of Prince Albert.

Thank you for registering for the upcoming Fall Session!

If unsure of which package or classes will be best for you please contact me and I can help.

8 Classes


Best if only here for part of a session

1.5 hr Class

8 Classes

1 class/week


12 classes

Best if attend 1 class/week

1.5  hr class

12 Classes

2 classes/week


24 classes

Best if attend 2 classes/week

1.5 hr class

24 classes



Per class

Best if unsure how often can attend

1.5 hr class

Drop-in 1.5 hour class

Pose and Repose - Sasktoon

Join me in Saskatoon for Pose and Repose.  Hosted by 3ZU.Yoga

Pose and Repose Saskatoon